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We are a Premier 3D Animation Production services provider located in Winston Salem NC.

Our team of Animators, Designers and artists, averages almost 2 decades experience in the industry of motion graphics, with many awards to show for it.

We pride ourselves for our excellence, our attention to detail, and our affordable creative services that leave no customer unsatisfied!

In case you are wondering...The name "ANIMUSING" comes from two different words:

"Animus"  a Latin word, originating from the Greek "Άνεμος - Wind"  the carrier of soul and also the origin of the word "Animation" which is essentially, "breathing life" into imaginary creations.

And "Amusing" which is the main idea on which Animusing Productions was founded on. To make amusing animations for the world to see!

You are welcome to our site. Feel free to browse through our work and we are looking forward to hear back from you!