We love to Amuse. We love to Create. We love to Animate!

Those are the three main reasons why Animusing Productions was found. To create animations that are fun to watch and have the most positive impact on our audience.

3D Animation is a very powerful medium for the communication of ideas, stories, and anything you can possibly imagine. We are here to take that imaginary concept and make it real for everyone to see. It is a very exciting experience for us to live on day to day basis, and we'd love to share it with you.

Our expertise in the field spans over 12 years and includes a variety of productions from Product Design and TV Commercials to Computer Games and Feature Film. No project is too big or too small for us to undertake.

For us the one thing that carries the most weight in a production, is the idea that is communicated. If we tell a story, we have to make sure its a good story to tell. If we showcase anything, be it with one still picture or with many, it has to be a sight that is worth seing again and again. It is the amusement value that exists in everything we do, and everything we want to show to the world.

Welcome to Animusing Productions!